October 20, 2014


lending relationsWhen a business has an external investor there naturally has to be a commitment to keep that person or organisation informed and engaged. SME’s and smaller growth businesses cannot justify a dedicated ‘Investor Relations’ role and a CEO/CFO is often too busy to manage such a relationship. We support such businesses with:

  • Preparation of reports to Investors
  • Checking and submission of financial information
  • Involvement in meetings with Investors
  • ‘Relationship Management’ of Investors

Banks and other forms of lenders now almost expect the same rights as an Investor, and where a business is reliant upon them their requirements need to be treated with respect. We support businesses with:

  • Submission of year-end reviews and interim reports to lenders
  • Checking and monitoring of lending covenants
  • Preparation for annual reviews of finance lines
  • Involvement in meetings with banks
  • ‘How to manage your bank manager’