4th January 2023

Mentoring and supporting Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

As the owner of a growing business, you will be dealing with a host of issues which can either prevent you from ‘getting on with business’ or are outside your area of expertise. That will include introducing disciplines into the business which as well as improving performance and minimising risks, would be respected and valued by a potential buyer (if and when that time comes).

I support business owners and Company Boards with such issues, including:

  • Challenging and refining business plans for growth.
  • Overview of processes and resources available to support plans (including funding).
  • Ensuring there is a ‘disciplined’ approach to managing the business, to include regular reporting on key performance measures.
  • Establishing and managing regular Board Meetings – to include the discipline of setting focussed agendas and following up on agreed actions.
  • Mentoring business owners on seeing through growth plans