7th February 2019

Working with Banks and Bankers

You will be familiar with the dilemma and frustration that bankers and SME’s seem to increasingly struggle to talk the same language or share the belief in a business and its owner. Bankers often feel that too actually.

The reason that I went into banking was to play my part in making this better. After over 30 years’ experience in front line and Head Office roles, most of which was working with SME’s, I know how banks operate and where the stresses arise and can support SME’s, and indeed their bankers, with:

  • New borrowing propositions – including better presentation material
  • Setting up facilities that may need complex monitoring or documentation
  • Translating complex bank requirements, including security or covenant demands
  • Renegotiation of better terms
  • Helping SME’s establish new banking relationships, at the same time as run the business.
  • Switching from Overdraft to Invoice Discounting and ensuring you get the best package for your business
  • Providing better information to the bank, including submission of monitoring reports (often with testing of Loan Covenants)

‘Lender Relations’ to an SME is now as important as ‘Investor Relations’ to a Plc. My involvement is positive and constructive and valued by bankers as much as by our clients