7th February 2019

Private Banking – Moving the Goalposts

access to lendingAs a long-standing client of a Private Bank you could be frustrated to find that their support is subject to more constraints and changes in policy, especially when it comes to commercial projects. It could even threaten your continued success.

Private Banks have a long history of providing bespoke and competitive deals for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI’s), often including lending for what are essentially ‘Commercial’ rather than ‘Personal’ propositions.

They do however unfortunately also have a reputation for changing their criteria and even their definition of what constitutes a HNWI. Implementation of intransigent policy can leave long-standing customers without access to funding or even needing to relocate their banking.

Because of my considerable experience of working with HNWI’s and Private Banks I have gained expertise in:

  • Negotiating for continuation of facilities where they are being withheld or withdrawn
  • Solving the problem of whether and how to relocate banking
  • Sourcing alternative lenders (including other Private Banks)
  • Presenting compelling business cases to establish new relationships and restructure be-spoke lending packages

Such situations need careful handling, well-honed problem-solving skill and excellent communication