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If you recognise yourself or your company in the descriptions to the right, then you should be talking to Cornmill Associates. Go to our What We Do section to find out more about our deep knowledge of the sector and how we can help your business with vital relationships in the world of finance.

  • As an entrepreneur or part of the Senior Management of a growth business, you are familiar with the challenges and frustrations of ensuring you have the financial resources to keep pace. That includes ensuring that you have the right relationships with funders and other finance related professionals. Business can too easily be stifled by banks or finance or a need for better understanding of finance.I support businesses and Company Boards with precisely these challenges.

  • You will be familiar with the frustration that bankers and SME’s increasingly struggle to talk the same language or share the belief in a business and its owner. I know how banks operate and where the stresses arise.

  • If your business is making property work for you on a commercial basis, you will know the challenges of accessing finance effectively and dealing with increasing regulation caused by Government based or banking related compliance.

  • As a long-standing client of a Private Bank you could be frustrated to find that their support is subject to more constraints and changes in policy, especially when it comes to commercial projects. It could even threaten your continued success.

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