Shift of focus in 2023 – this is mine

Every year I review the focus of my business and my objectives and go to the extent of producing a one-page ‘headline’ business plan. It’s framed on the wall in front of me as a constant reminder of what I should and shouldn’t be spending valuable time on. This year was no exception, and as always it was done in December so that I start the year with it already refreshed. I’d encourage anyone running their own business to do this…and you might want to read an old blog of mine on this:

In doing this, I always have in mind that ‘Focus’ is not ‘what you do’ but ‘what you don’t do’. It is so easy to be tempted to help new business clients in a way that dilutes capacity and the value I can add to existing, long-standing, clients.

This year my shift is a subtle continuation of a change I started in 2020 when I was diagnosed with cancer and decided to ‘step off the treadmill’ and work on those things that I most enjoyed and were most appreciated by clients.

This means doing less ‘broking’ (organising commercial finance) and more ‘consultancy’ (working with growth businesses and supporting owners on a quasi-NED basis – primarily helping with finance issues).

Most existing clients of mine will always have my support in raising finance, and if you are on that list, it is because (1) I like you and enjoy our dealings (2) I know I can genuinely help you, and {3) you willingly pay my fees.

Where I work with businesses on a consultancy basis, I will have more capacity to be ‘the good person to have in their corner’ (you can perhaps tell that I’ve just read Mohammad Ali’s Autobiography – I recommend it…)