Crowdfunding platform – project management task completed

In our work with the recently created Enterprise Hub at a London University we concluded that students needed access to crowdfunding and that there was a strong business case for the University to embrace and support that – to the point of providing the platform. This is in addition to providing access to the Start-Up Loan Fund (which we have organised via GLEOne London).

I had the task of sourcing a suitable platform and acting as project manager on the technical, contractual and payment aspects – i.e. up to branding, design and internal communications. have worked with Hubbub (who I had encountered through WAYRA) who have been excellent and have a great track record now working with Universities, with York University being their flagship case and Suise Fothergill at York now a huge advocat and ambassador of crowdfunding in Universities.

We are now concluding the payment mechanisms (‘the devil is in the detail’!) and the build and design work is underway. We are therefore only weeks away from live date and I look forward to seeing this become a very effective fundraising tool as well as a way of the students and the University showcasing the incredible variety of projects and exciting activity that goes on at the campus.