We all love ‘a quote’ that we can relate to…and this is a good example!

Over the years I’ve collected a number of great quotes, those most meaningful to me are hung on the wall in my office and are a regular reminder of a message that has triggered something in me at some point.

This one would ordinarily have ‘passed me by – it was posted on Linked In quite a few weeks ago.

It struck a chord because I do always have ‘a plan’. In fact working with my business coach I periodically refine this and always have a plan for the coming year, setting out how I’ll make changes to my business and do a better job for the select number of clients that I support on financial matters.

Well just into ‘lock-down’ I got my ‘punch in the mouth’ well and truly with a cancer diagnosis which (thanks to fantastic work by the NHS) escalated quickly to radical surgery from which I am now recovering. It will be a while before I’m properly back working.

There are two very positive messages here:

  • Firstly, this couldn’t have happened at a better time. With COVID most of the projects that had been demanding my time had naturally been put ‘on hold’ with the clients fully understanding the market conditions. Therefore, I haven’t had to let any clients down.
  • Secondly, what a great time to reappraise my business and personal life. A unique opportunity, almost like a footballer who gets the rare chance in a busy game to stop running, put his foot on the ball, look around, and decide where to place a killer pass. Whilst I stopped working for a few weeks much of the business activity around me was put on hold or been slow and being away from the desk has given me time to think.

My business will come out of this with more focus, supporting a smaller number of clients but in a way where I build closer relationships and can add more value. It has made me appreciate all the experience and skills that I have that benefit my SME clients.

And the Mike Tyson quote will be added to the wall to remind me that the unexpected can always be just around the corner…